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China Travel Guide

Beijing Travel Guide

Shanghai Travel Guide

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China is a civilized ancient country, with the magnificent mountains and rivers; rich and colorful folk custom, exotic animals and plants and countless scenic spots and historical sites, combined with unique opera, music ,dance and world-renowned cuisine, every year attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists is the most authoritative and reliable of the tourism platform with the high quality tourism services, take you close throughout China, understand China and Experience unforgettable trip in China.all in to join in.
China Essence Tour
(BJGLSH002)12 Days Beijing- Guilin- Shanghai Happy Tour (Without hotel)from $700
(BJXAGL002) 8 Days Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin Classical Tour (Without hotel)from $490
(BJGLSH001)8 Days Beijing- Guilin- Shanghai Tour(Without hotel)from $518
(BJSH008) 5 Days Beijing,Shanghai Essence Tour (Including Hotel)from $510
(BJXAGL001)9 Days Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin Essential Tour (Without Hotel) from $498
Beijing,Shanghai Classic Tours
(BJSH001)3 Days Beijing,Shanghai Tour Package (Including Hotel) from $415
(BJSH002)3 Days Beijing,Shanghai Tour Package (without hotel)from $375
(BJSH003)6 Days Beijing,Shanghai Tour Package (Including Hotel) from $610
(BJSH004) 6 Days Beijing,Shanghai Tour (without hotel) from $490
(BJSH009)4 Days Beijing,Shanghai Tour Package (Without Hotel)from $416
Historical China tours
(BJXA001)5 Days Beijing,Xi’an Tour Package (without hotel)from $388
(BJXA002) 6 Days Beijing,Xi’an Essential Tour (without hotel) from $410
( BJXA003 ) 5 Days Beijing,Xi'an Tour Package (Including hotel) from $485
(BJXA004) 6 Days Beijing,Xi’an Essential Tour (Including Hotel) from $540
(BJXA008)4 Days Beijing,Xi’an Classic Tour (Including hotel)from $415
Impressive China Tours
(GL011)5 Days Shanghai-Guilin Tour (from $380)
(ZG010)8 Days Shanghai,Beijing Tour (from $790)
(SH025)7 Days Shanghai,Zhou Water Village,Suzhou,Hangzhou Tour (Including Hotel) from $424
( SH023)6 Days Shanghai,Suzhou,Hangzhou Tour (Including Hotel) from $395
Classic China Tours
(ZG009)11 Days Beijing- Xian-Shanghai- Guilin- Hong Kong Tour Package (from $1830)
(SC010)7 Days Classic tour of Sichuan (from $760)
(BJHS001) 8 Days Beijing,Huangshan Package Tour(Including Hotel)from $686
(BJGL601) 6 Days Beijing-Guilin Tour Package (Including Hotel) from $480
Xi’an,Beijing Classic Tours
(XABJ001)4 days Xian and Beijing tour (Including Hotel) from $365​
(XABJ002) 4 days Xian and Beijing tour(without hotel) from $315
(XABJ003)6 days Xian and Beijing tour (Including Hotel)from $526
(XABJ004)6 days Xian and Beijing tour (without hotel) from $410
Beijing-Guilin Impressive Tour
(BJGL606)8 Days Beijing-Guilin Tour Package (Including Hotel)from $625
(BJGL001)5 Days Beijing-Guilin Tour Package (without Hotel) from $320
(BJGL002)6 Days Beijing-Guilin Sightseeing Tour(without hotel) from $359
(BJGL004)8 Days Beijing-Guilin Happy Tour Package(Without hotel)
(BJGL003)7 Days Beijing-Guilin Classical Tour(without hotel) from $400
Discovery China Tours
(SL004)14 Days Silk Road Train Tour (from $1755)
(SL001)3 Days Dunhuang Highlights Tour (from $218)
(SL003)11 Days Silk Road Luxurious Tour (from $1655)
(SL005)17 Days Silk Road Highlights
China Minorities Tours
(GZ003)5-Day Tour of Guiyang,Kaili ,Huangguoshu Waterfall (from $249)
(GZ005) 8-Day Tour of Guiyang,Kaili,Anshun,Xiangyi,Guiyang (from $990)
(GZ002)4-Day Tour of Guiyang,Huangguoshu Waterfall,Guiyang (from $210)
(GZ001) 3-Day Tour of Kaili,Xijiang,Rongjiang,Zhaoxing (from $358)
China charming tour
(YN008)3 Days Kunming Spring City-Jiuxiang Cave and Stone Forest Tour (from $175)
(YN012)8 Days Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila Classic Tour (from $600)
(YN010) 4 Days Lijiang Ancient Town,Gorge and Mountains Impression Lijiang Tour (from $240)
(YN011)7 Days Kunming-Lijiang-ShangriLa Highlight Tour (from $505)

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